About Us

  New Hope is a Independent Fundamental Baptist Church that strives to meet the Biblical standard of a local New Testament church by meeting the Spiritual needs of its people.  We believe the King James Av-1611 Bible is God's inspired, infallible, inerrant, preserved word, which tells us that we are to win people to Christ, baptize them, and train them to do likewise.

 That we should strive to teach others, that they in turn may teach their children to walk in the ways of righteousness. These commands from Scripture are followed in practical ways at New Hope and combine to form the basis of our Church.

We are all about growth.  Personal growth is normal and expected so we are constantly working at helping people to grow.  We think that people grow differently so we work to meet people wherever they are and help them to take the next step.  We don’t have any people who have “arrived”, so if you are not perfect yet, you will be right at home.

We welcome new people. Each member was a visitor at one time, so they know what it is like to try to fit in. We try hard  to make out guests as comfortable as possible because we were there once... and we still remember what it was like.


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